AMD Sempron 2800mhz Processor
Asus A7V8X-XL SATA Motherboard
Apollo Tower Case
400W ATX Power Supply
120GB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive
512mb DDR 3200 Ram
16x DVD Rewriter
16x DVD Player
256mb ATI 9550 DDR 8x AGP Graphics
56K Internal Modem
Onboard LAN and 5.1 Sound
Floppy Disk Drive and 320w Speakers
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
Windows XP Home Edition
PRICE £710 inc. VAT
Choice of Monitors to add to your Base Unit
17" CRT Monitor - £90 inc. VAT
17" TFT Monitor - £180 inc. VAT
Please note: Specifications may vary but only for the better